A simple, digitalized insurance-as-a-service solution enabling partners to sell insurance via their own brand and keep customer ownership.


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Digisure is a next generation digital insurance provider for medium to large scale companies leveraging customer-focused technology and a partnership business model to create true value for both clients and partners. A simple, digitalized insurance-as-a-service solution enabling companies to sell insurance through their own brand, keeping and building on their hard-earned customer loyalty.


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Simplification and collaboration

Digisure set out to create a disruptive solution for the insurance industry that would enable partners to easily add insurance to their existing business processes and customer journeys . And by developing the application as well as the core (and very different) business model, they did just that

Developing the brand from day one

In a strategic partnership, we have worked closely with the digisure team to support and develop their brand strategy to create trust and own an initial position in a legacy-heavy market.  Based on this fundamental strategy, we entered into a multi-level go to market phase together. 

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Creating digital brand experiences

To create next generation brand experience for both customers and partner companies the solution needed both soft and hard brand elements and activations. To fuel their initial growth and investor search, we developed Digisure’s messaging and value propositions as well as their overall identity and digital presence. Further we assisted the team in developing marketing and partner strategies as well as continuously improving their investor deck and partner efforts. 
We also provided technology leadership in customer experience, implementation and front end design. Together with an International development team, XY01 was managing the development of the core platform and front-end solutions – ultimately getting Digisure to market with their first pilot customer.

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