Corporate Ventures

Internal innovation needs a paying audience too.

We specialize in taking corporate ventures to market.
As brand-driven entrepreneurs we know what it takes to succeed, and what the pitfalls of corporate innovation really are.

Your go-to-market team

Creating value from day one. 

Many startups have great technology, possibly even a good product-market fit. However, many engineering- or design-driven startups are lacking the strategic and tactical assets to take their unique product to market and are forced into a costly approach to reach their audience. They are simply not building brands.

This can as an extreme consequence prematurely end the life of the startup – or create excessive costs because of faulty business models, wrong audiences or unclear value propositions. 

Let’s fix it!

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The Growth Engine

Are you following up your ventures like you should? 

Startups are difficult to track and follow up. New developments happen fast, or technology can get stuck. Customer groups may change, and even the business model will have to adapt to changing conditions. Founders argue, and burn rates increase. However, investors may never know.

Our systematic follow up with monthly or quarterly checkups will make sure investors know if their venture is in a red, yellow or green flag phase. We also add clear advice and actions.

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Want to invest but are unsure?

We uncover the good, the bad and the ugly

Startup due diligence is like going on a first date with a promising new flame. Even though not all cards are revealed at once, you don’t want to miss out on the potential love of your life. So, you ask the right questions, do your research, and carefully weigh the risks and rewards before making a commitment.

This requires a careful balance of intuition and analysis to determine if the idea is worth it. We evaluate startups every day and know what to look for, which means you can let us do the job for you.

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Combining it all in Corporate Accelerators

Create scalable innovation with outside founders

Combining our venture services creates the opportunity of building a strategic ecosystem around startup development and corporate innovation. Together with you, we build attractive programs for startups that usually try to avoid corporate governance. And that’s not easy!

We approach this type of corporate innovation by fusing the speed and innovation of the startup with the market and knowledge power of a given corporate player. Together we create uniquely tailored programs that attract the exact type of startups that could fit the future portfolio – and together, we make them grow.

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