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Tigeni is a simple home testing kit and app-based dashboard to personally monitor, track and manage your way to a healthier lifestyle.


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With simple self-tests, you can check your own health in the comfort of your own home. Achieve a more proactive approach to health, exercise and disease prevention. Save time booking and travelling to doctor’s appointments by taking blood samples yourself and gain continuous insight into your own state of health.

With Tigeni you get to know how your own blood factors compare with several vital values that affect your overall health. Along with the test results, you will also receive information about what you should do to avoid future illness, whether you may need treatment or whether your measures for better health actually are working.An online community and e-learning platform for anyone who wants to learn how to shoot magical photos and videos.

Positioning in the Norwegian market

Tigeni was founded in 2018 with clear international ambitions. However, the first and most logical step was to launch and test in its home market, Norway. The founders were eager to get things off the ground and so we began a lean, fast go-to-market process keeping the international ambitions in mind while taking a local approach.

Super fast go-to market

Oslo Venture Company is a strategic partner and was responsible for working together with Tigeni on their brand strategy, positioning, and brand experiences. The extreme deadlines for launch presented us with a huge challenge to overcome since the project included everything from a fundamental brand strategy, go-to-market plan, identity redesign, web strategy and complete implementation. We were motivated and inspired by Tigeni’s purpose and sense of urgency so by using startup methodology, we were able to launch within only eight weeks of starting the process.

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