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Plant-Based, sugar-free and with fibre. A real added value and a revolution for energy drinks. The alternative in a market dominated by sugar and synthetic sweeteners.
Vegan Energy Drinks
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On average, Germans drink more than 100 liters of soft and energy drinks per year. They consume large amounts of sugar or synthetically based sweeteners – a 250 ml energy drink can contain nine sugar cubes or more. And the caffeine in the cans rarely has the desired effect.

The first variant of Bettergy was originally developed for and used in the first division of professional football. The goal, however, is to create alternatives that appeal to everyone and to avoid sugar, aspartame and co.


As a beverage company 2.0, their goal is also to work as resource-efficiently as possible in all structures and strategies, to avoid superfluous paths, to question things and also to rely on e-mobility or the train. So BETTERGY ZERO is not only vegan, but also climate neutral .

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