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We help you take your product to market.

Our experienced team of ready-to-run experts in brand, strategy, technology and design, become an extended part of your startup team and help to increase value from day one.

Our Guerilla Team for Hire is flexible, based only on the hours you actually need, and tailored to your evolving business. 


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100s of pitches, millions raised, a few exits and a portfolio of 20+ growing startups, we can help with: 

Market Analytics & Product Market Fit

Stay ahead of the curve with superior insights. Not just understanding your market; but being a part of its future.

Branding & Positioning
Making your brand resonate and stand out in a crowded market. Uniqueness is not optional; it’s a necessity.

Business Modelling & Development

Shaping ideas into scalable businesses. We can become the architects of your entrepreneurial ambitions.

Investor Deck & Pitching
We translate your creativity and passion into persuasive pitches. Aiming to get the ‘yes’ you deserve from investors.

Identity Design
Crafting an identity that leaves a lasting impression. Not just a logo, but a strategic asset that will drive growth in the right markets.

Tech Project Management
Navigating the complexities of tech deployment, we can become your compass in the digital landscape.

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